In the air, I am beautiful

Sound piece made for the group show The Jeopardy, 2020.
A choreography for a DJI Phantom 4 and a northern raven.

Side by side on the snowy ground, two beings: a drone and a raven. Separately they take flight. They raven swings up gracefully, the drone slowly but steadily, gaining speed as it goes.
Meeting in the air they hesitate for a second before syncing into a gentle swing to the east. Slowly they lift higher as they curve and change course to the west in a quick spiralling movement. They gain speed and the raven dives into a low dip while the drone draws an arch in the air above. The raven is faster and dives deep but now curves up again meeting the drone at the end of it's arch. The two movements combine into an oblong shape which they now fly through, side by side, in a wavy motion.
Now they're heading south-east, the raven coils around the drone in ever bigger circles and then zooms away in a flash. They each make shapes of their own, the raven with its graceful streamlining and the drone in it's calculated buzz.
The raven is circles back to the drone and together they dive drastically in a low bow with a twirl at the end. They heave themselves up again as they prepare for the grand finale:
The drone pirouettes, hanging in mid-air, while the raven swirls around it almost protectively. Spinning faster, they lift upwards but as they start slowing down they move closer to the ground. In a slow clumsy rotation they reach the ground where the drone lands but the raven sweeps down as if saying goodbye before zooming off into the distance.


Listen here