Kept Between the Toes

Installation exhibited at Sterrentuin ii, Ketelstraat, den Haag, 2021.
An outdoor group show with the following artists:
Odine Burghouwt, Þórður Hans Baldursson, Á. Birna Björnsdóttir, Isabel Cavenecia, Gijsje Heemskerk, Jordan Herregraven, Katerina Konarovská & Martin Gabriel, Luuk Kuipers, Shani Leseman, Robbert Pauwels, Christian Roncea en Caroline Straver.

The pond basin is filled each morning with the opaque liquid and as it evaporates during the sunny July day, an inscription becomes visible at the bottom of the pond. The bench, torches, nuts, kernels and sprouts create a supportive setting for passing time.

Engraved metal pond, water, natural soap, metal bench, 3 phantom torches, walnuts, apricot/nectarine kernels and sprouting potatos.

Accompanying text:
And then the sun comes out, casually making our worlds habitable. And while it’s at it, providing the perfect conditions for non-productivity since backed up by the sun one can sit on a park bench for hours without appearing suspicious. Shedding light even into the darkest corners of one’s being, its rays tickle the surface of the skin and pull out sensations forgotten in the muddiness of the everyday hustle - a memory stored behind an ear or a feeling residing between the toes. Suddenly it clicks, so obvious yet so hard to shape or give words to. From the depths a morsel of knowledge appears, one made from material carved by feeling rather than fact.

Photos by Ignas van Rijckevorsel.