Ten of Moods
A duo exhibition with Bergur Anderson at The Pole Rotterdam.

Ten of Moods marks the completion of a cycle, taking one hard look at the past in order to emancipate possible futures. It appears at dusk, when the day’s work is over and shadow-seeking worlds begin to unfold; when light captures and holds our deepest thoughts and desires. Through systems of representation and numerology we can investigate what the future holds.

The two artists share an interest in the Tarot; it’s forms of progression and numerology, taking them as tools to be placed in relation to their separate practices. The works presented are current cycles seeking representation in shadow play, repeatedly going from darkness to light as we go through shapes and shifts — adjusting our aspirations according to the surroundings every time. Is there an end destination?

Let your eyes adjust to dimly roam around and participate in the cycles of Á. Birna Björnsdóttir and Bergur Anderson.

Photo credit Katrina Niebergal / Á. Birna Björnsdóttir.

The Sequence

The Sequence offers a peek into the upcoming publication 'How To Grow a Phantom Limb'. The publication is a poetic manual for phantom limb growing and is a part of an ongoing artistic research project following the idea of growing a phantom limb as a bodily extra-sensory antennae - allowing its grower to engage with the world at another material level.

Wall text, phantom torches, walnut potentials, nutcracker.